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I am trying to get images for my friend on Fanfiction.Net, but I need YOUR help to get points for commissions! Only YOU can help me get the points I need to do this! (Look to the Journal entry for details)

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A friend of mine with the same pen name as me on has asked me to find some artists to draw DP images for him, since that site has a new feature that allows users to upload images to use as story covers (The details of the function are at the bottom, LOOK AT THEM, otherwise parts of the image could get cut off!). The best cover you submit and message us about for each story will be used, and he will mention the artist(s) in his stories (If you submit an image, and someone else submits a better one, we WILL use the better one, no matter how good the previous one was)! (WARNING: these requests may give away details of his stories)
1: First off, he would like an image of a black book with a large white/silver DP symbol in the center, and ecto-green letters at the top that say: The Ultimate Guide to Danny Phantom. (Leave off the period)
2: Then, he would like a black Eragon-style dragon egg with a white DP symbol on it (perhaps with cracks near the top).
3: Thirdly, he would like an image of a knight in sleek white and green armor (like the Ecto-Skeleton, only a lot more compact) (hint: AU, slightly physically older Danny in ghost mode under armor), with his face concealed by his helmet (with his eyes visible), and maybe white mist swirling around him, and a white katana with a black sheath.
4: Then he would like the DP symbol laid over the logo used in The Spectacular Spider-Man series.
5: Danny Phantom in the white desolate wastes of Hueco Mundo (Bleach), maybe in a battle ready stance with Ichigo's group (like what they did in one of the Bleach openings).
6: He would also like a black, humanoid Hollow with a DP symbol shaped Hollow hole, white feet and claws, and a white mask with ecto-green eyes.
7: Danny (and co?) meeting Ichigo, Rukia (etc.?) in a shocked manner. (With the words Danny Phantom: BLEACHed, above them
8: The DP symbol and/or the WORDS Danny Phantom (maybe caps) over a (white) version of the Bleach logo. (Or saying Danny Phantom: BLEACHed in the styles the shows do it).
9: The Bleach symbol with the words: After the End below it.
10: Danny with the Tron: Legacy version of the Grid behind him, his DP symbol lit up in a similar fashion to Tron's symbol, and with ecto-green circuits over his normal ghost form's outfit (think something slightly similar to his video game outfit in "Teacher of the Year"), if you like, you can have him holding his ID Disk, and maybe have it split in half with a program version of his human form on the other side, (the armor should be mainly black, like most Legacy programs) with blue and/or white circuits (As Tron: Uprising shows, a program can have more than one color of circuits, so you can have him have mainly white on his body and blue mostly on his limbs, with maybe a red oval on his chest, like the symbol on his shirt when human). He could also be riding a lightcycle with green circuits and energy, being chased by Clu's army (though based on size constraints, I don't think that will work).
11: An image with Danny and Dani in the version of their costumes Hitokiri Shinzui used for some images.
12: Danny Phantom together with the protagonists of the finished webcomic, Darkbolt, maybe battling Dan.
13: The DP symbol looking tainted, infected, twisted, or even dripping in blood (human or ghostly green) (maybe even all three at the same time!).
14: The DP symbol with 4th of July fireworks (either over the fireworks, or MADE of fireworks).
15: Danny Phantom together with the Wayrift webcomic protagonists (Wayrift is a webcomic based off of Final Fantasy IV), maybe fighting a ghostly Zeromus.
16: Danny together with the InuYasha protagonists, with the clothes and weapon described in my friend's story, Phantom Fairy Tale (P. S. in the story, Danny is 17 or so). Clothes: (The clothing provided was very similar to his standard clothing; in fact, it looked a lot like it. The only differences were that the shirt was completely white with solid black sleeves, rather than with red trimming and a red oval in the middle, and that the sneakers were black rather than red. The jeans were regular denim although slightly darker than his old pair.) Weapon: (A powerful object, crafted by the demon smith, Totosai. It takes the shape of a small silver/white metal sphere with a black metal chain, which can change its shape into various forms based off Danny's mental commands, usually a bo staff (with the chain turning into black grips) when in combat and a bracelet with his DP symbol when not, and use ecto-energy, which allows his to use it to amplify the power of his hits to easily break rock, and fire ectoblasts through it (it glows green when it uses ecto-energy). (Note: Danny should be in human form)
17: Danny with the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
18: Danny with a green ghostly aura, a Green Lantern Ring, and the Green Lantern symbol over his DP one.
19: Danny looking like he's been bleached white, or the show titles of Bleach and Danny Phantom together as BLEACHed Phantom (with Danny and Bleach characters).
20: Danny Phantom with Connie from the Companions Quartet novel series.
21: An image of an black being, with Danny's shape but with rippling edges like Johnny 13's Shadow or one of the clones from "Kindred Spirits", with a ghostly aura, the DP symbol on it's chest, and a thin scar-like mark over its right eye (from OUR perspective), which is like one of Dan's eyes, the other being the same green as Danny's eyes. It should also have vampiric fangs, an angry expression, and maybe ecto-energy charging around its fists. You could ALSO do an image of Danny fighting said being alongside Princess Mina and Akira from Dance in The Vampire Bund.
22: Danny fighting alongside the Freedom Phalanx (and other heroes from the online game, City of Heroes) against Arachnos and the other villain factions like the Praetorians, OR Danny flying through the streets of Paragon City.
23: The DP symbol taking the place of the "S" on the Superman logo.
24: Danny (maybe wearing armor over his outfit, like what he did in "Beauty Marked") in a World of Warcraft setting, battling evil, etc.
(Possibly more to come!) he also has an account there. There he'd like:
1: A pedant in the shape of a cross (front & back), with a demonic eye where the bars meet (and horns curling off the eye), angelic and fairy wing markings on the back, and a scythe imprinted on one horizontal bar, a sword on the other, with a chain. (And runic/Celtic looking patterns).
2: The word TIME split across 3 puzzle pieces that form a horizontal yellow tablet together, but are split apart, a green tablet that could connect to the yellow tablet, and IS connected to a blue tablet (whole, but with the places it could be divided plainly visible) with the word SPACE on it (both in a perhaps fancy, but readable font) on a starry background, AND/OR three Earths floating in space in a horizontal row, one on the far left with stars and crescent moon (along with other symbols associated with magic), one in the middle with images of beakers with chemicals, a Sorcerer's Stone, and other alchemy associated symbols, and the one on the right surrounded by atoms, circuitry, and other symbols associated with science.
3-6: Images showing a powerful demon, angel, grim-reaper figure, and fairy (if you wish to do any of these, contact me and I will specify further).
7: An ethereal shroud with a large rip in it, with a bright light shining through, OR a dark hand reaching out from a hole in space, heading towards the Earth.
8: Images showing matter being turned into data, and vice versa, a portal into cyberspace, binary code and circuitry, a sea and/or highway of data, digital entities fighting, evil-looking cloaked figures by mentioned portals, sentient viruses, virtual combat spilling into reality, etc.

(PLEASE RESPOND TO ME ASAP IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS! Tell me what image (s) you are going to do and how soon you will be done).

(Image Manager feature is now rolling out for the entire site and is currently activated for stories, forums and communities. Image feature allows your stories to have story covers, and forums/communities to have logos. For the best image quality, please submit image files with width to height ratio of 6/9 and size of 300x450 or higher.)

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